About us

Holy Ghost Deliverance Church #2 is a church of disciples of Jesus Christ located in the City of New Haven, Ct.

As a body of believers we focus on our relationship with Jesus Christ, love for one another and preach from the word of God.  We have always had a focus on children and the youth, however we strive to serve everyone in our congregation.  Our worship features praise and worship music.

You are welcome to join us as we give praise to God and true disciples of Jesus Christ.

Holy Ghost Deliverance Church #2, is under the body of Holy Ghost Deliverance Churches Inc.

Our Mission
To help build and strengthen the body of Christ by teaching God's word in truth, by showing the lost the way to salvation and by empowering growing believers to live a Holy and victorious life in Christ.

Our Vision
To be living examples of holiness according to God's Word, that souls will be saved through the Gospel of Jesus Christ, receive the baptism of the Holy Ghost, and live in continuous fellowship with God.

Our Religious Life Statement
Holy Ghost Deliverance Church #2, is an ecumenical, non-denominational, interdenominational and interfaith Church for learning, worship and praise which overtly seeks to bring hope and healing to the lives of individuals and families throughout our community.

We want to be a shining light so people may experience the love of God and serve a hopeful humanity.